David's Tech Blog

Ramblings of a random Irish nerd.

28 Dec 2019


I’m a mid 30’s Software Engineer working and living in Dublin, but born and raised in Monaghan. First learned to code on my VTech Power Pad.

Graduate of Computer Science - DIT(now TUD)

Loves to learn new tech, Loves to solve hard problems in tech. Open source contributor. Loves Linux and Unix.

Fellow member of the Python Software Foundation for my many years service to the Python community in Ireland.

Hobbies: Plays in SLOTPB(They’re a big deal - check them out)

Topics you’ll likely see on this Blog:

  • Kubernetes
  • Python
  • Python stuff on Kubernetes
  • Linux
  • Unix
  • IOT
  • Cloudy stuff (AWS most likely)
  • Microcontrollers (esp8266 my personal ❤)
  • Smart home stuff
  • How my hoard of electronics from aliexpress is gathering dust.

If you want to get in touch, best bet is to send me a Tweet.